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If you want your business to be successful in the 21st century, then you need to get it right online. It’s as simple as that. The way you shape and market your business online is pivotal to its success. And with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of great tactics businesses can use to give their marketing strategy a boost. You don’t want to miss them, so read… 1. Social media OK, you already knew this one, but social media deserves a big mention. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you connect with your target audience

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Making Booking

From salons to restaurants, with everything in between – there are a wide range of businesses that rely on bookings. And it’s no longer just walk-in and telephone. Online booking has become by far the most quick and convenient way for customers and businesses to arrange appointments and reservations. Read on to explore how Nettl :connect can give you, your employees and your clients quick and easy online booking with a whole range of benefits. Connect with your clients The rise of digital technology means consumers have come to expect instant access no matter what they’re buying. Whether it’s cinema

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Man standing on train platform using mobile

It has never been more important to ensure your website is engaging and easy to navigate on mobiles. Here’s how you can make it happen.

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Want to find out how to get visitors to stick around on your site for longer, get more online enquiries and grow your client list? Here are out top 4 tips for turning your web traffic into web enquiries.

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Unsure if content marketing is worth the investment for your small business? It is. And here are nine rock-solid reasons why…

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Does my new business need a website? It’s a question every new business owner asks themselves in the early days of setting up shop. Join us as we take a closer look…

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Logo designs sketched on paper

Getting your company logo right is important, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve put together a few simple tips to help you create an awesome (and highly brandable) logo that will help your business stand out for all the right reasons.

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Laptop displaying homepage of ecommerce website

Is your business online? Without a website, you may be missing out on many opportunities to grow and promote your business.

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We’ve put together a list of some of the biggest e-commerce blunders made my small businesses – they’re more common than you think…

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