Alongside graphic design, printing and branding, we are also heavily involved in website design and development. Recently, one of our clients asked us to develop a website that would include property listings and information from their own systems and Rightmove property feed. The company was ‘Rent The House’, a specialist set of letting agents in Lancashire who have offices in both Accrington and Oswaldtwistle.

The site has a number of specific features:

Property Rental Search:

One part of the website we were asked to create was a rental search so that potential customers could view properties quickly. We also integrated Google Maps to give the user that extra bit of functionality and information.

Investment Property Search

In a similar respect to the rental property search, we created an investment property search so that the owners could add investment properties to their online portfolio through the use of an easy to use CMS.

Landlord Property Management

Another stipulation of the brief was to include statement services so that property landlords could manage their own statements through an easy to use portal.

Rightmove Integration

One of the more critical parts of the website’s functionality lies in its ability to use feeds that Rent The House creates as part of its daily update to the property website Rightmove. We created a data handling facility that allowed the website to accept a data feed from their in house software. This allowed Rent The House to update their website at the same time they provided their properties in just a single action, thus saving them time and money.


At Fluid Creative, we know the importance of well constructed website and with this in mind we heavily optimised the website to give it the best possible chance of succeeding in the ever competitive search engines. Throughout the build process our SEO techies were constantly involved with the developers to make sure that SEO remained at the heart of project. Together with ongoing optimisation and marketing, the number of visitors and leads from the website has risen dramatically to help Rent The House stay ahead of the pack.