Fancy moving office?

Together, 3D artist Laurie D and graphic designer Emily Forgot have installed a monochrome pop-up paper and card office in a shop window in London.


Throughout August, passers-by and internet users can watch the staff at work ( while they take it in turns to work from the pop-up space displayed in the window and even watch live streaming during office hours. The window display is the latest in a series for a project called “Hello Neighbour” which aims to showcase the work of local artists while entertaining passers-by.


Emily Forgot, who has designed windows for Selfridges and Harrods, says that the space was influenced by the work of Lichtenstein and Memphis artist George Sowden. Moving additions to the office include a phone that rocks as if its constantly ringing, a clock that runs backwards and an anglepoise lamp that switches on and off.

The ball started rolling when the company were looking to use their office space more effectively and pondering what to feature in their next window space when someone mentioned ‘we could always work in the window’ and the rest fell into place…