Unsure if content marketing is worth the investment for your small business? It is. And here are nine rock-solid reasons why…


Content marketing is an incredible tool for reaching out and subtly engaging with both potential and existing customers.

Quality content adds value

Content marketing should attract, inform and engage your target audience. It should be less about promoting your business, and more about distributing information and content that people value and find helpful. When approached in the right way, a content marketing strategy can help to set your business apart as an industry thought leader.

Improve your digital presence

We live in a digital world, a world where the average adult in the UK spends nearly nine hours per day on media and communication. Content marketing can help you nab some of this screen time for your business.  

Build trust

Effective content marketing helps build trust between business and consumer and works to strength loyalty.

Create a brand identity

Successful brands aren’t built overnight; it takes trust, time and attention to detail. However, content marketing can dramatically speed up the creation of your ideal brand identity.

The opportunities are endless

Content marketing isn’t limited to blog posts, you can get creative with how-to guides, videos, infographics, case studies, testimonials, interviews, demos – the list is virtually endless.

The world is online

Having a website isn’t enough anymore, if you want your brand to get noticed on a truly global scale, content marketing is a must.

The rewards are great

It’s up to you how much you choose to invest in your content marketing strategy, but just because you can’t afford to construct elaborate content marketing material, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from all of the great benefits we’ve mentioned in the points above.

It helps you stay up to date with industry trends

Content marketing should be built from unique, fresh material. Whether that’s using the latest stats to put together an infographic, or finding the most qualified person to interview for this week’s YouTube vlog, each approach requires research – and plenty of it – helping you to stay up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

Get in touch

Your company website is an essential element of your brand’s identity. It forms the foundation for your online presence and can have a huge impact on the way the world sees your business. A slow, poorly designed and unresponsive website can undermine even the best content marketing strategy before it’s even begun.

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