Online booking has become by far the most quick and convenient way for customers and businesses to arrange appointments and reservations. Read on to explore how Nettl :connect can give you, your employees and your clients quick and easy online booking with a whole range of benefits.

Connect with your clients

The rise of digital technology means consumers have come to expect instant access no matter what they’re buying. Whether it’s cinema tickets or dinner reservations, big businesses have systems in place to give their customers what they need straight away. But with Nettl :connect, small businesses can also benefit from this level of connection and immediacy.

Nettl :connect gives your website an online booking facility that, as the name suggests, connects your clients and your business. Customers can visit your website, check availability of days and times, and book their chosen slot. This is then saved into the system for you or your customer to check and amend with ease. Essentially, it removes the admin on your end and makes the process much quicker for customers.

Hassle-free booking in all industries

One of the key strengths of Nettl :connect is its versatility. It’s not just for one type of business. Hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and medical or cosmetic appointments – they’re all covered with Nettl :connect. And because the system is digital, it means there is no possibility for errors like double-booking.

But it’s also versatile for customers in how they can access the site. Nettl :connect sites are fully mobile friendly. This means customers can visit your website on their laptop, tablet or mobile and still get the same great experience. The booking system is no different – customers will be able to make reservations and bookings on any device, wherever they are.

Integrating old and new

The system also comes with an online application that makes it easy to manage your customers’ bookings after they have been made. Whether you want to check, amend or cancel bookings, you can do so with ease. But what if you already have a system in place for bookings?

If your business already works with telephone bookings and walk in reservations, that’s not a problem. Nettl :connect offers you the option of integrating your existing booking system with your website. This gives you a seamless system for bookings to minimise the hassle of administration and provides your customers with full flexibility.

Getting started

Want to make your booking system easier for both you and your customers? We can help. Nettl of Bury build fast, easy to use, attractive websites for small and medium businesses. With innovative features like online booking systems, we can provide your business with all the features enjoyed by big businesses and their customers. Get in touch today for more on how we can help you.