Is your website outdated, outperformed and unappealing? It might be time for an overhaul. Unsure if the time is now? Here are some glaring warning signs that it’s time to redesign your business or ecommerce website.

1. Your brand has evolved

It’s only natural that your brand will evolve over time. Your business goals probably aren’t the same now as they were five years ago – even your target market may have changed.

Your website should take this evolution into account. Your website is a prominent global advertisement for your business, so it’s only right that the tone it sets is spot-on and suits your brand identity. After all, there’s little point proclaiming on social media that you’re an innovative, creative company if your website design is dated and dreary.

2. It’s confusing and hard to navigate

Navigation on your website should be intuitive and effortless. If visitors have to spend longer than a couple of seconds trying to find the section they are looking for, it’s over – they’ll leave and visit a competitor’s site instead.

Your website should be clearly laid out and navigation buttons should be accessible from every page. Keep things simple, straightforward and clear of clutter.

3. Your bounce rate is sky high

Struggling with a very high bounce rate? Your website design could be to blame. As we mentioned above, a confusing, poorly-designed layout can be enough to scare people off immediately. But there are other likely culprits too, from unappealing font choices to a complete lack of relevant information and quality content.

4. It’s slow to load

Slow load times can be devastating for online businesses.

Does your website take longer than two or three seconds to load? That’s bad news for both you and your potential customers. Online browsers won’t hang around staring at their phones waiting for your clumsy website to load – they’ll head somewhere else.

5. It’s not mobile friendly or responsive

If you read our earlier blog about the importance of responsive website design for businesses, you already know that not having a website that adapts to fit a range of screen sizes is a big deal.

Google favours mobile-friendly websites, unresponsive sites are excruciatingly slow to load on tablets and smartphones, and on top of it all, they don’t display properly either.

6. You’re search engine ranking is plummeting

Search engine rankings fluctuate over time, but if your search ranking has slipped dramatically recently, your outdated website could well be to blame. Outdated content and design are red flags for search engines, who may stop seeing your site as the reliable, quality page it is. Don’t disguise your greatness – update your website and make sure your content shines brightly for all to see!

Is your website in desperate need of a redesign? Nettl of Bury can help. We create engaging, mobile-friendly responsive websites that enhance brands and get people talking. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our design team to book a free design consultation.