Online, every second counts.

A slow-loading website will not only negatively affect your sales, it could destroy your website’s reputation too. A delay of just 1 or 2 seconds could spell disaster for your business.

If you’re wondering how, here are a few stats to consider:

  • 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.
  • 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.
  • A 1 second delay (or 3 seconds of waiting) decreases customer satisfaction by about 16%.
  • 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online.

As you can see from the stats above, if your business has a presence online, whether you’re selling products via an ecommerce store or services via a business website, speed plays a HUGE factor in influencing both sales and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring your website is up to speed is essential if you want to maximise sales and keep customers happy.Is your website slow to load? Enter your website address into the PageSpeed InsightsTool to analyse the performance of your website across all devices – mobile and desktop.

Below are 3 possible culprits that might be slowing your site down:

Slow web hosting

Your server might be sluggish, which will slow down the speed at which your site loads. If your server is slow, the problem may lie with the web host. Low quality hosting services and free web hosting could be to blame. It might be time to upgrade to a higher specification of hosting service with more resources.

Database problems

Over time your website’s database can become bogged down by the sheer amount of information it holds. This results in a slow and sluggish load time that doesn’t ever seem to improve. Test for database problems and make sure you address them ASAP.

Your website isn’t optimised

A whole host of elements could affect the speed of your site and slow it right down to a crawl. Large images, third-party plugins, embedded content – the list is extensive.

Be sure to optimise large images, limit linked elements and update / remove unnecessary or unsupported plugins.

Need help? Don’t be afraid to ask the experts

Unsure where to get started or what might be slowing your website down? Consult an experienced web design team for advice and guidance on how to implement meaningful changes that will put a bit more pep in the step of your website.

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