It’s no good having the best website on the internet if nobody knows about it or visits it. But how do you promote it and where do you get started?

Here are 6 marketing channels that every business should use to entice shoppers and increase online traffic.

Optimise (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can seem overwhelming. The rules for best practice are constantly changing according to each search engine and its algorithms.

So where should you start? Begin by laying the foundations for a search engine friendly site and take steps to make your site relevant to what your audience is searching for.

  • Optimise content in a structured way.
  • Help search engines identify the relevance of your pages
  • Identify keywords based on search volume.
  • Balance keyword targeting with usability and user experience.

Paid search (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to focus adverts on specific keywords that your customers are searching for to drive traffic to your website. With PPC you can control your daily and monthly budget, advert content and experiment with which keywords to target for the best results.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for re-marketing to your clients in a targeted way. You have their data (in the form of an email address), but it is how you use it that matters. Try to use a combination of both general and focused emails, keep the design simple, and stick to one clear call to action (CTA).

Email marketing tips:

  • Establish a marketing schedule and be consistent.
  • Offer customers an incentive – discounts, free downloads, etc.
  • Combine your campaign with other forms of online and offline advertising.
  • Consider creating campaign specific landing pages to test the effectiveness of your campaign.


Blogs are a fantastic tool for attracting customers and encouraging email subscriptions. However, it’s important to keep your content fresh, engaging and useful. Frequent updates will help your search engine rankings and encourage viewers to keep checking back for new posts.

Blogging tips:

  • Create a regular blogging schedule and stick to it – consistency is key.
  • Give something of value – don’t push your products and services in every post.

Print and direct mail

Offline advertising isn’t dead – it offers some of the best ROI. It’s important to back online advertising up with offline marketing for the best results.

Here are some examples of promotional printed products:

  • Leaflets & hand-outs.
  • Company brochures & folders.
  • Business cards.

Social media

Does your business have a presence on social media? Engaging customers through social media channels is a must if you want to be wherever your customers need you.

Social media tips:

  • Establish a regular posting schedule and share posts across social channels.
  • Talk to your target audience and ask them questions on social channels.
  • Post regularly but avoid only talking about your own business. Post and share useful information too.

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