Businesses rebrand all the time. Is it time for your business to do the same?

The reasons behind rebrands vary, but they typically have one main driving force behind them – the need to rejuvenate and reinvent.

Is it time for your business to dust off its branding? Below are some warning signs that it’s time to seriously consider a rebrand for your business.

Dated logo

What does your logo say about your brand? Does it communicate your brand ideals and inspire trust? Or is it a relic of the past? Your company logo serves an important function. It’s not only responsible for helping to differentiate you from your competitors, it also plays an essential role in helping to enhance the reputation of your business.

Dated logos can undermine all the hard work you’re busy doing to reinvent your company. If you spend thousands of pounds on a marketing campaign, but your logo is still rooted firmly in the past, you’ll struggle to move your image forward.

You’re sending mixed messages

Do your adverts and promotional materials promote a forward-thinking approach to projects? Does your website describe state-of-the-art facilities and a commitment to staying ahead of the latest trends? If your company’s content and overall marketing message say one thing but your branding says another, you’re heading for trouble.

It’s essential that your business message aligns with your branding. No matter how hard you try to communicate one message (modern business) you’ll be doing the exact opposite if your website is stuck in the dark ages with unresponsive design and dated stock images clogging up every page.

Your business has changed

If your business has been going for a while it’s likely that it has evolved and matured since its launch. Your products and services may have changed, you may have adjusted the main focus of your business, or you may simply feel as though your existing branding no longer reflects your tastes anymore.

As your business evolves, it’s important that your company branding does too. In order for the whole business to move forward, it’s necessary to shed the old skin first.

Your audience has changed

Has your target audience changed? When businesses first start it’s not always obvious which demographic will form the main client or customer base. As this becomes clear, it can sometimes be necessary to rebrand in order to better appeal to this audience and enhance sales. Perhaps the needs of your target audience have changed and your business’s branding no longer appeals to that audience.

Rebranding can be an excellent way to recapture the imagination of your audience, or attract a new one entirely. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reinvent your brand a reset your brand’s voice.Weale and Hitchen

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