Get ready for an exceptional ecommerce Christmas with our list of nine easy tips for maximising sales this year.

1.  Plan Ahead

The number one secret to a successful ecommerce Christmas is planning and preparation. As the busiest time of the ecommerce calendar, Christmas competition is fierce. The best way to face up to that competition is to ensure that every aspect of your business, from ordering, planning and delivery, has been carefully thought-out and organised.

By understanding when, why and how your customers will shop, you will be better able to meet their needs. Get it right and you could secure customers for life. Get it wrong and you risk ending the year on a low.

2. Christmas offers

Will you be offering any special deals this Christmas? If so, make sure that you plan ahead and get stock uploaded to your site in plenty of time. Make sure that any special promotions are also clearly displayed and promoted across your website.

3. Festive photos

Unless you are selling Christmas-specific gifts like Christmas trees or decorations, you probably won’t have any photographs of your products in a festive setting. Why not arrange a product photoshoot, complete with Christmas-themed accessories, and allow shoppers to see your products in a whole new light? This is also an excellent way to bring complementary products together, which can encourage multiple purchases.

4. Gift bundles

Gift bundles make excellent Christmas gifts and are a great way of increasing the average order value. Combine the bundles with bulk-buy discounts and you’re on to a winner.

5. Keep it simple

Creating categories can make life a whole lot easier for people. After all, let’s face it, how many people do you know who shop solely for themselves at Christmas? Simple sections for ‘Dad, Big Sister, Grandma, Best Friend’, help people zone in on the items that might best suit the loved one they are shopping for.

6. Add live chat

Online shoppers typically find live chat easier and more convenient than calling a store to make an enquiry. If you haven’t embraced live chat yet, you may find that adding this functionality allows you to help more customers in less time, resulting in time (and money) saved.

7. Be social

Make the most of your Christmas promotions by posting them across your social channels regularly. Create a regular posting schedule to ensure a steady stream of promotional posts and Christmas updates. Don’t be afraid to post the same post on Twitter several times throughout the day.

8. Design for mobile

Mobile shoppers are a powerful force in ecommerce. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, it’s time to change this ASAP. Not only will shoppers find it easier to navigate your site, they’ll be far more likely to make it through to the checkout page too.

9. Highlight best sellers

Give shoppers a helping hand towards your best-selling products by highlighting them across your website. When time is short, and shoppers already have trust in your brand, this kind of information can prove incredibly helpful to shoppers.

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