Mobile shopping is not a trend – it’s here, and it’s here to stay. Have you embraced it? If your ecommerce site isn’t mobile friendly, that needs to change in 2018. Here’s why…

Mobile is big business

In 2016, 28% of online Christmas sales were carried out using mobile devices. This figure is expected to be higher this year.

An online business without responsive design or a mobile-friendly layout is like a high street bricks-and-mortar business without baskets, signs, or cashiers – frustrating, confusing and off-putting.

Don’t let mobile shoppers walk out of your virtual shop door. Offer them a welcoming, enjoyable experience that’s a joy to use on any device with a responsive, mobile-friendly website design.

Customers expect a seamless experience

Today’s shoppers expect a seamless experience across any device. Whether they’re browsing your products on their mobile during the morning commute, confirming their order on their desktop at work, or checking in on their tablet from bed last thing at night, it’s essential that your site is able to respond to meet demands.

Why? Mobile shoppers are picky. Customers won’t stick around for a poor experience – they’ll simply move on to one of your competitors.

Speed kills

When it comes to ecommerce, speed is an integral part of the conversion process. A slow-loading website will not only kill your conversions, it could kill your business too. Lazy load times are responsible for 1,000’s of ecommerce sales deaths every day.

If your website isn’t designed with mobile browsing in mind, chances are that it’s slow and sluggish to load. Just a one second page load delay could result in a 7% delay in conversions. That’s a LOT of lost sales over the course of a year.

A mobile-friendly website will be optimised to load swiftly on mobile devices, helping to dramatically reduce the number of page abandonments and increase conversions.

Omni-channel shoppers

Research has shown that even shoppers who buy via desktop sites have, quite often, spent a lot of time researching their purchase using their mobiles first. In fact, as many as 30% of desktop sales are initiated on mobile devices first.

This means that even if you think now that mobile shoppers aren’t that influential to your site, you could be wrong, and it’s more important than ever before to ensure your shopping experience is optimised across all devices.

Key ecommerce stats:

77% of UK adults bought goods or services online in the last 12 months, according to research by the ONS.

According to the latest IMRG data for July 2017, sales via mobile devices (tablet and phone) grew 23.7% year on year.

Mobile has tipped the balance, with 54% of visits to retail sites taking place on mobile, compared to 46% on desktop.

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