Searching for a new website designer? One thing you’ll hear plenty about is scalability. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can afford to ignore. But what is it? And do you need your web design to be scalable?

Read on as we look at the importance of a scalable website…

First of all, what is scalability?

Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the scale jokes about reptiles or weight loss. Being scalable is having the ability to grow or shrink depending on your needs. For web design, this – for example – means accommodating more visitors, users or clients with extra storage and capacity for increased traffic.

But what’s the point? Surely you have a rough idea of your business needs and website requirements. This can soon change, however. Scalability gives you the freedom to upsize and downsize exactly when you need it, which has three clear advantages:

1. Growth

Growth is essential for any business. But you need the right facilities. For a restaurant, this means more tables and seating space. However, for a website, it means the ability to deal with more visitors, more enquiries or orders and extra storage for new content.

Imagine you run an advertising campaign. It’s a success – and you find ten times more people trying to find you online. If your website isn’t ready, it could go down and completely stall your growth. The advertising campaign would have been a waste of time and money. With scalable web design, however, you can simply upgrade your package to deal with the extra traffic.

2. Cost

Scalable web design is also essential to keep costs manageable. Let’s say you’re starting small but anticipating big growth. You might want to invest in resources online, so you’re ready when the growth comes. It’s nice to be ambitious, but this method means you’re paying for resources you simply don’t need. That money could be spent elsewhere to bring in new customers sooner.

This works both ways too. Your business may need to downsize, meaning you no longer need as much storage or the capacity to deal with so many customers. Opting for a scalable website means you only pay for what you need, which can be changed whenever required.

3. Peaks and troughs

It’s not always a long-term change that requires extra or fewer resources. Some industries have peaks and troughs throughout the year. Especially in retail, where there are certain busy periods, while other times of the year are always quiet. Why pay extra all year round, when you only need to deal with extra traffic at Christmas?

Scalable web design gives you full flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Can we help?

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