Networking events are invaluable for businesses. They provide a chance to connect with influencers, share ideas, keep up with new trends and even recruit new people.

Most importantly for some, networking events are a great opportunity to meet potential clients. With that in mind, some guests take marketing materials along to networking events.

The question is – should you? Read on as we discuss whether marketing materials have a place at networking events.

Always prepared

In short, yes – it’s always a good idea to take marketing materials. Nobody ever regretted having them on hand. But so many people have been in situations where they wish they had a leaflet or business card to exchange. Even if you’re not there to sell services or gain customers, marketing materials have a range of benefits:

  • Be remembered

Whatever your intention in networking, you want to be remembered. But conversations are only temporary – and people attending networking events will be talking to plenty of other people. That’s why it’s so easy for conversations to be forgotten. Something as small as a business card allows you to give people something to take away and remember you by.

  • Be approachable

Approachability is key at networking events. You want people to feel comfortable about speaking with you. Marketing materials can be key for this. Whether it’s informative flyers or an attractive display at an exhibition, the right marketing materials can draw people towards you, making networking a breeze.

  • Be professional

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And that first impression is crucial in business. On top of everything else, marketing materials can help with this too. With the right leaflets and flyers, you’ll appear professional, prepared and unique. It will also ensure you give out the right information about your business, even if you forget to mention something in conversation. So, you can relax a bit more.

Get the perfect marketing materials 

All that said, it’s no use taking shabby business cards or poorly designed leaflets with you. You need marketing material that reflects the high standards of your business, and sends out the right message.

At Nettl of Bury, we help businesses promote themselves effectively, with a wide range of high quality marketing materials. From business cards to booklets and even custom-made stationery, we have all bases covered for you and your business. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch for more information on any of our marketing products.