At a time when almost everyone and everything is online, a website is crucial to business success. And many businesses realised that long ago. The problem? They have had the same site for years, often since their business started up. And this can easily lead to sites looking and feeling past their best. Read on as we look at 5 clear sings your site is ready for renewal.

1. Load time

The first impression visitors get of your website is its load time. Regardless of how it looks fully loaded, a long load time can put visitors off instantly. Why? Modern life is busy and consumers are always on the go. Research suggests almost half of consumers will leave a page if it doesn’t load within two seconds.

2. Dated design

Next on the list is your design. Design is subjective, but you can usually tell when a website feels dated. A narrow layout, small photos or obvious stock photos are easy signs to look for, along with colours and fonts that just ooze 1990s. Can’t tell? Ask a few unbiased friends whether they think your site looks or feels dated.

3. No traffic

Even if your site isn’t visibly dated, you can tell it’s past its best by how many visitors it gets. A good site attracts traffic with up-to-date content that helps it rank well on search engines. Older sites may have been designed with that in mind too, but have become out of date and in fact detrimental to search engine rankings.

4. Traffic without results

Maybe you’re getting plenty of traffic, but no results? Again, this could be a sign your website is lagging behind. Consider your bounce rate – how many people leave your site after viewing one page. This is a good indicator of a website that’s putting visitors off. In any case, a website that doesn’t generate enough leads or sales is something that needs fixing.

5. Mobile friendly

In 2017, over 50% of website traffic was from mobile devices. It’s a figure that’s growing year on year. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s losing out on more than half its potential visitors, who will be put off by slow load times, poor display and difficult navigation.

Need some help?

If your website is past its best, Nettl of Bury can put things right. We create responsive websites that attract traffic, generate leads and sales, and help businesses grow. By getting to know you and your business, our expert team can create a website that truly reflects your brand, your goals and your target audience. Get in touch today to discuss your project.