Looking for exhibition stand ideas? A creative display stand can help draw people in and, ultimately, make the exhibition a success for you and your business. So, how do you make your stand both eye-catching and interesting – without being garish and off-putting? Fortunately, there are a variety of options to choose from. Read on as we look at 9 creative ideas for your exhibition stand.  
Product models

1. Product models

Before they visit, most people want to know what exactly the stand is about. How better to show them than using a supersized model of your product? Where possible, this is a great way to get people’s attention because they simply don’t expect it – whether it’s an oversized armchair at a homewares exhibition or a giant drone at a tech event. It also makes your stand, products and brand more memorable, and makes it much easier for visitors to spread the word.

2. Photos

Another way to get people to your exhibition stand is by encouraging photos. Why? It gets people gathering at your stand, encouraging others to visit – as well as involving them in your stand rather than just viewing it. How do you do it? The oversized product is one option, as people will want to take pictures of it, or even with it. Alternatively, you could have a photo competition where people enter by taking photos of your stand – or in a photobooth at your stand – and sharing them online. By using a custom hashtag, you can easily find them all and pick a winner. And, of course, this option has the added extra of promoting your brand online for nothing more than the cost of the prize.

3. Demonstrations

Demonstrations aren’t exactly the most novel of exhibition stand ideas. But with a bit of creative thinking, they can be the perfect way to make your display stand more interesting and attractive:
  • Hands-on – let visitors try your product themselves
  • Games – create a game with your product as a fun way of testing its qualities
  • Outside the box – present your products in extreme or unexpected circumstances, such as a waterproof device submerged in a huge tank of water but still visibly working

4. Backpack flags

Your exhibition needn’t be limited to display stand ideas. Get out there and let people know about your business. How? Leave the meet and greet and leaflets for your stand. A backpack flag is a hugely useful way to get people visiting without having to interrupt them or get in their way. It’s simply a custom-designed fabric flag on a pole attached to a backpack, meaning it’s easy to carry around and be seen without getting in anyone’s way.
Backpack flags

5. Suspended elements

Don’t just think from the ground up when it comes to the design of your stand. Another creative idea for your exhibition stand is to have items suspended from the ceiling. Suspended items, which could even be as simple as hanging lights, are a good way to make the most of the space you’ve been given. They will help you stand out from other displays and ultimately make your stand more attractive and inviting.  
Appeal to the senses

6. Appeal to the senses

That said, it’s also not important to focus solely on the visual aspect. Attendees have more than just one sense, and you can help that work in your favour. Firstly, smells. Whether it’s nice perfume or delicious smelling food, people are drawn to good smells. This will come naturally to stands which are promoting those products, but it’s worth considering for any kind of product or service. How about some music? It’s another creative way to make your stand stick out among the crowd and add to the visitor experience – provided it’s not too loud or repetitive.

7. Entrance structure

It’s easy to go from stand to stand at some exhibitions without realising you’ve done so. Giving your stand some sort of entrance structure helps distinguish it from the rest. An arched gateway is a good way to achieve this as it doesn’t necessarily block off the rest of your stand to visitors. Instead, it conveys a strong position in your industry and can even reinforce some of the key features of your brand.

8. Somewhere to talk

Exhibitions aren’t just about grabbing attention. You also want visitors to stick around, ask questions and get to know more about your business. How? Add a seating area. This might be challenging with limited space available, but with creative options like seating cubes, bean bags and pop up tables it’s certainly not impossible. Alternatively, add a meeting booth to your space with a partition to allow for a more detached feeling. With the right furniture, you’ll find your exhibition stand is inviting to passers-by and much more relaxed for both visitors and yourself.
Somewhere to talk
Make it your own

9. Make it your own

There are a wide range of creative ideas for exhibition stands. But most important of all is to make your space your own. Whether you’ve been given a few square metres, or a few hundred, it’s essential to put your brand’s mark on things. Here are some ideas:
  • Backdrops Curved or straight backdrops are idea for smaller exhibition stands, providing your stand with an attractive setting.
  • Wallpapers – For larger spaces, you can create your own wallpaper or printed fabric to create a completely personalised environment for visitors.
  • Banners – Whether it’s vertical rollers banners, small pop up banners or outdoors PVC banners, they’re an easy way to make a space your own.
  • Gazebos – Indoors or outdoors, a gazebo allows you to emphasise your brand more by separating your stand from others at the exhibition.

Let us liven up your exhibition stand

If you’re looking to make your exhibition stand more creative, attractive and appealing, Nettl of Bury can make it happen. We offer a wide range of printed exhibit displays to show off your brand at exhibitions. From backdrops and banners to gazebos and seating areas, we cover all bases to make sure you get exactly what you need for a successful exhibition. For more information, take a look at our Exhibit Guide or contact our team.