These days, it seems like the majority of business owners are focused on digital. Whether it’s social media, Google PPC advertising or a shiny new website – a lot of time and money is heading that way.

But it’s still incredibly important not to neglect the more traditional marketing options. After all, nothing quite compares with the feel of a high-quality business card or flicking through a glossy brochure.

Ready to find out more? Here are 5 of the best marketing materials your business can’t afford to underestimate…

1. Business cards

Business cards are one of the most popular and effective forms of printed marketing. Whether you’re at a networking event or with new colleagues, business cards are essential. Even a conversation with a neighbour can turn into a business opportunity. With a handful of professionally designed business cards in your pocket, you’re ready to take advantage of any situation and make a great first impression.

Make sure your cards include your name, logo, address, website, email address and phone number – all the essentials.

2. Business stationery

Business stationery is just about as traditional as you can get. Sadly, many companies fail to capitalise on this simple, yet effective, opportunity to add a touch of class.

Promotional stationery portrays a cohesive company and helps demonstrate your corporate personality. Whether it’s a pen, eraser or notebook, branded stationery will impress new and established customers alike.

3. Envelopes

Thanks to its phenomenal ROI, direct mail is alive and well. Unfortunately, with so much junk mail in circulation, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and show your mail deserves more respect.

The solution is simple. Use customised envelopes and letterheads. Whether it’s to a private individual or a potential client, people prefer to receive letters and promotional marketing material in branded envelopes. Simply put, it’s more professional and will elevate the profile of your business.

4. Brochures

A fantastic way to market your company is with professionally designed brochures. You can show off your business with text and pictures, as well as an in-depth description of your products, services and the company itself.

This approach is perfect if your services or product-range require closer inspection. You can’t close every deal with a handshake – brochures give potential customers a change to digest all of the information and make an informed decision in their own time.

5. Flyers

If you want to give a quick rundown of what you offer or you have a sales promotion, then why not opt for a flyer?

This form of direct printed marketing is perfect for smaller businesses, whether it’s displayed in windows, on counters or at trade shows.

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