Does your company use novelty business cards? If not, why not?

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ll have probably ended the day with a handful of business cards. So many, sometimes, that it’s hard to even remember who each card is from in the first place.

If this scenario sounds familiar, perhaps the people you meet are struggling with the same issue. And perhaps you should do something that ensures your business card standard out from the pack.

This is just one of the reasons why novelty business cards work. Using fun and inventive ideas, novelty business cards offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand in an unforgettable fashion.

If you’re a dentist, how about a business card with a bite mark? And if you’re an estate agent, how about a house-shaped business card? You get the idea…

Find out exactly why business cards still work and why novelty designs allow you to make your own unique stamp on the business world…

Why business cards are still important

Although people may underestimate the power of the business card, it’s still important to utilise this form of marketing.

Business cards aren’t simply a throwaway piece of paper. Instead, they can be a novel and creative way to network, establish connections and generate new leads. Find out exactly why they are still so important…

  • Create a great first impression

Fumbling for a pen or even searching through your phone for your details gives off the impression you’re underprepared. Put your best foot forward at networking events or in business meetings, with professional and memorable business cards.

  • Makes each meeting personal

Swapping contact details through apps, smartphones and social media can often be impersonal. Instead, make meaningful business connections with a tangible business card which someone can keep and refer back to.

  • Builds more trust

If you’re a small business starting out, it’s likely people don’t know your name or your reputation. Put their mind at ease with a professional business card. This can provide some important legitimacy for you brand.

  • Generates leads

Whether it’s a novelty business card or a simple and striking design, you want your card to make an impact. The aim is to generate new leads, build partnerships and secure more business. Make a memorable impression with a professional card or risk becoming yet another distant LinkedIn connection.

The best business card practices

Remember, whether novelty or not, your business card should be memorable for all the right reasons. Even if you have one of the most unique and imaginative designs, you still need to tick all the boxes. Here are few things to keep in mind when choosing and using your business card…

  • Don’t forget any information

Don’t forget the key information – name, contact details, job title, social links and company name. People should be able to get in contact with you from your business card alone. Otherwise what’s the point?

  • Preparation is key

Make sure you’re not caught short and always have business cards on you. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into a potential client in the supermarket or on your next holiday. Ensure you don’t miss out, by having a few cards in your back pocket.

  • Be a selective sharer

With novelty business cards you might be tempted to give them to everyone and their mother. However, this could be a waste of valuable business materials. Instead, be selective with who you give your card to and consider whether they could provide a potential business opportunity.

  • Follow up

So, they’ve got your business card and you’ve got theirs, now what? It’s important that after every interaction where you’ve received a business card that you follow up. Whether that’s a quick email introducing yourself further or following their social media. Make a lasting impression that shows the person behind the fun novelty card.

Standing out from the crowd

So, we’ve established that business cards are important. But how do you stand out from the crowd?

That’s where unconventional, unexpected and novelty designs take centre stage. Show off your creative side and make a lasting impact on your business connections with a 10/10 business card design.

As an extension of your company, your card should reflect your role, your personality and your brand. They may be small, but they sure are mighty. And in competitive industries, it’s even more important not to fade into the background.

Should you have a novelty business card?

Not only are the novelty business cards memorable, they are a fantastic icebreaker – especially if you’re not comfortable approaching people at networking events. With a novelty, fun design you can discuss the card and then seamlessly move the conversation in the direction of business and look to generate a meaningful lead.

Novelty is also a big trend at the moment, with everyone from dentists to builders jumping on the bandwagon. Whether it’s a card with a bite mark or a card in the shape of a hammer, you’ll be sure to standout from every other Joe Bloggs.

The aim is to inspire everyone you come into contact with, so much so that they’ll even share your card and market for you. A novelty aspect increases the likelihood of sharing and means more people will be interested in learning more about your business.

Think outside the box

Bearing this in mind, what design should you go for?

When opting for fun and outgoing marketing materials, like a novelty business card, you want to make a statement about what you do. For example, Lego employee business cards are Lego figurines emblazoned with their name and contact number. A genius idea, right?

Novelty business cards can also incorporate clever and unique ideas – whether that’s with bright colours, different textures or interesting typefaces. Put your spin on things with a 3D aspect or think outside the box with an interactive business card.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. With graphics, icons, logos, die-cuts and luxury finishes the possibilities are endless with your card. At the end of the day, you’re trying to make a good first impression and make sure you make top of the pack.

Need a helping hand?

Whether you want a simple business card or something special, Nettl Bury can help. We know the importance of making a lasting impact with well-designed marketing materials and take pride in our professional printing services.

Got a great novelty business card idea? Get in touch today.