Flyer distribution is one of the oldest forms of marketing. And it’s still going strong, despite competition from TV advertising, email marketing and online ads. It’s hardly uncommon to come home and find leaflets on the doormat. But does it work? And how does it compare to more modern forms of advertising?

Leaving an impression

There’s good reason businesses still use flyers to market their brand. The Direct Marketing Association found that 89% of consumers remember receiving flyers through their door. That’s more than any other marketing channel. While it’s easy to scroll past online adverts or avoid TV adverts by muting or fast-forwarding, flyers are far more likely to leave an impression with potential customers.

They’re also something that consumers can keep, in contrast to temporary digital ads. 45% of people keep leaflets in their home – either on noticeboards or drawers. Which other form of advertising puts a permanent reminder of your business in potential customers’ homes?

Flyer distribution is also a relatively cost-effective method of marketing. It’s one of the most affordable forms of print media, compared to the likes of billboards and magazine adverts. And it’s something that isn’t affected by competition from other companies, as some forms of online advertising can be.

How to do it right

Despite being affordable and memorable, not all flyer campaigns are equal. That’s partly because of familiarity. Countless blog posts suggest that people need to see a message five to seven times before they take it in. While that’s not 100% true, flyer distribution can be more effective if it’s treated as a process.

People become more familiar as they see your flyers more, making them more likely to respond by visiting your site or physical store. Plan multiple distributions over a certain period to make the most of your budget, rather than sending them all out in one go.

But it’s also down to the design of the flyers. For maximum effect, flyers need to look the part. Think suitable colours and fonts, relevant images and a clear focal point. Flyers should be eye-catching and high quality too. Remember, this is the first impression many people will have of your business.

High quality marketing material

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