With 40% of people abandoning websites that take more than 3 seconds to load, it’s no wonder Google have implemented updates that use page speed as ranking factor.

In a fast-paced digital world, people want answers and they want them quickly. But can your website keep up? Keep reading to find out why Google is down-ranking slow websites and why fast-loading content is key to your business…

Introducing the speed update

Over at Google, they’re constantly keeping users on their toes – this time with their ‘Speed Update’. The update will use page speed to determine mobile search ranking.

First announced in January, the changes were fully implemented last month – meaning it’s important to get your site speed under control. Pronto.

Why is the speed of your website important?

79% of online shoppers saying they wouldn’t return to a website if they were unhappy with the performance. So it’s no surprise Google are taking note.

But, why exactly is page speed so important to businesses and users? Here are some key considerations…

  • Creates a good first impression

A speedy website makes a great first impression. Fast-loading content is considered professional and reliable, while a slow website only leads to user frustration.

  • Visitors will stick around

Visitors are more likely to stick around if pages load quickly. And if they stay on the website, they’ll be more interested in seeing what else you have to offer. That’s why it’s important to not only have a fast loading site, but also quality content.

  • Builds brand loyalty

Potential customers want answers quickly. And if you don’t deliver, then they might just find a competitor who will.

Stay ahead by optimising your website, with mobile-friendly content and fast loading pages. This way customers will keep coming back and refer your services to other people.

Is your ranking in trouble?

So, how quick is your website? If the answer is not very, there might be trouble on the horizon. The new updates will affect those with slow mobile website speeds. And with loading time becoming more and more important, it’s definitely something developers need to take into account.

Don’t panic just yet though. Google claims the changes will only affect a small percentage and that a slow page could still rank highly, as long as it has relevant content. That’s why they have encouraged businesses to think more about user experience as a whole – suggesting tools such as PageSpeed Insights, which can tell you how well your page performs on the Chrome UX Report.

Let’s speed things up

Is your website too slow? Don’t worry. Nettl of Bury can help. We create fast, responsive and mobile-friendly websites to take your business to the next level. Take a look at our extensive web design services and get in touch to discuss your next project.