Is your office over-heating this summer? Did your employees struggle during the recent heatwave? While air-con and fans might seem like the ideal solution, they can be both expensive and disruptive when they’re constantly blowing at work.

Fortunately, branded window coverings provide a solution with added benefits. You can get the best of both worlds – keeping the office cool and making full use of the outdoor marketing space. Take a closer look at why this is best solution for your business…

Controlling the office temperature

As temperatures rocketed recently, most UK employees were feeling the heat at work. But, how important is the temperature level in the office?

For office health and safety – as well as productivity – it’s crucial that employers stop temperatures getting too high. And although there is no official guidance on the maximum temperature limit, the government does advise keeping the temperature at a comfortable level.

How to keep the office cool?

Although air-con may seem like the go-to solution it’s not without its drawbacks. As well as being costly to run, it’s both expensive and time-consuming to install. Fans may seem like the next best thing, but these only provide minimal relief on those sweltering days – blowing hot air around the office.

And while shutting the blinds and curtains may cut out the glare, it also removes the natural light that so many offices strive for. So, what’s the solution?

Win with window coverings

That’s where window coverings come in. They are a versatile and cost-effective way to keep your office cool this summer.

Made from monomeric vinyl pieces, window coverings can be placed over large flat areas of glass. They work by preventing the glare from sunlight coming through the windows and stopping the ‘greenhouse effect’ often found in offices during hotter weather.

It’s a less disruptive alternative to installing costly air-con systems, and a more permanent, long-term solution to desk fans, as vinyl window coverings have an out-door durability from 2 to 4 years.

When the cold inevitably hits, window coverings can also help insulate offices too. Window coverings add an insulative layer to your windows to keep heat in during the winter months, which means less money spent on heating bills.

Boost business

Not only do window coverings help regulate the office temperature, they also act a fantastic outdoor marketing tool.

With printed and branded designs, you can showcase your business with minimal effort. Simply pick your design, add your logo or contact details, and place it straight onto your office windows. It will reflect your brand perfectly and appeal to crowds of potential customers for years to come.

The perfect window coverings

If you’re looking for printed window coverings or any outdoor marketing materials, the friendly team at Nettl Bury can help. We provide tailored design services for all types of outdoor marketing materials with clear pricing and quality results. Get in touch today to find out more.