Whether it’s a novelty design or something sleek and professional, creating the perfect business card is a great marketing tactic. And it’s important to get everything on there, so potential clients and customers have what they need to remember you.

Despite that, most professionals still forget to include some important information – from the website to those all-important contact details. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you need to include on your next business card.

1. Your personal details

This may seem like the most obvious starting point, but you’d be shocked at how many people forget to include their complete job title, full name or even the name of their company.

Include all relevant personal information and be sure to use the name you prefer to be called – not just what’s on your driving licence.

2. Contact details

Along the same lines you need to include appropriate contact details. No, we don’t mean your home address or your personal phone number.

Instead choose the best ways to get in direct contact with you. More often than not, this is a work phone number or an email address. Only include your business address if you’re a brick and mortar shop where people can pop in to see you.

3. Business logo

Keep your business cards on brand with your company logo. You want your card to be an extension of your business and in doing so, it should reflect the same ideas as your website and other promotional material.

This means not only using the same logo, but also the same font, colours and shapes.

4. Website address

The purpose of the business card is to create more professional links. And your website is always on hand to give people more information on your products or services. That’s why you should always try to direct people to your website as well as details to communicate with you offline.

5. Social media handles

Never underestimate the power of the digital world. Be sure to include your relevant business social media handles. Only include professional accounts, as there’s no need for business contacts to see Instagram snaps of your latest holiday.

If you’re all over social media, why not just include your strongest profiles? That way people can get a taste of your business and explore your other channels if they wish.

Nettl Bury can help

Whether you want a simple design or something more intricate, big and bold, Nettl Bury can help with all your business card needs. We know how to make a lasting impression with professional marketing materials tailored to your brand, the objectives of your business and, most importantly, your audience. Get in touch today for more information.