Printed exhibitions and displays are a highly effective marketing tool. But is there a way to make them even better?

Cue the advent of fabric banners, backdrops and booths. Using fabric for displays is becoming increasingly popular – and with good reason too. Read on as we discuss the benefits of fabric exhibits and how they can help your business make a big impact at your next event…

1. Stand out

First and foremost, fabric exhibits stand out. They’re a differentiator, with potential customers noticing that they’re that bit better than the other banners they usually see. That’s certainly not a bad way for people to see your business.

2. Versatility

Fabric exhibit displays are more versatile than the alternatives too. They can be created for simple banners and backdrops or larger curved booths and even branded room dividers. This ensures that your branding is consistent across all the different displays you need, but also gives you more flexibility to create the right branded space with private and warm atmosphere.

3. Back-lighting

Speaking of atmosphere… Did we mention that fabric exhibits can be backlit? Unlike vinyl or PVC, the light can shine through your fabric display to illuminate your brand, draw in customers and create a truly unique atmosphere at your exhibition stand.

Fabric Exhibit with Back-lighting

4. Long lasting

When you invest in branded materials, you want them to stand the test of time. Fabric exhibits do exactly that. Using a snap frame with the fabric stretching over, it’s easy to remove the fabric and store away safely, keeping it looking great for longer. On top of that, because it’s fabric, you can even wash your exhibit if needed.

5. Ready for the great outdoors

There are plenty of occasions that call for outdoor advertising. Unfortunately, conventional banners and displays simply don’t cut the mustard. Even if they can withstand the rain and mess without getting damaged, the display itself will be hard to see through all the droplets.

In contrast, fabric displays will shine through the bad weather or messy conditions. Showcase your brand at a wet and windy festival or draw visitors into an art gallery with large images showcased on a strong, durable, weather-resistant canvas.

State-of-the-art fabric displays

If you want to differentiate your brand with outstanding fabric displays, the team at Nettl of Bury is on hand to help. We offer a wide range of printed branding materials that can set your business apart from the rest. Take a look at our exhibit guide or get in touch with our team on 0161 764 6464 for more information.