Typography is the art by which text is arranged in a design, but there’s a lot more to it than simply choosing a nice font. Beautiful typography is the centre of a designer’s skillset and focuses on key elements that will make your graphics stand out from the rest. Some of these key elements are the style, size, letter space, measurements, colour, hierarchy and overall look and feel of the text.

How do Graphic Designers use Typography?

Typography is used in graphic design primarily to create elements that are eye-catching and readable while also promoting the identity and personality of a particular brand. Quality typography can be evocative, eye-catching and powerful, and it can even establish brand recognition, which is why it’s an important element of professional web design services.

Why is Typography an Important Consideration in Web Design?

Your website is the storefront of your business, which is why every design element should be carefully considered by a professional. An experienced and well-established web design company will apply typography to your website to create a professional look and provide a positive all-round user experience for your visitors.

What is the Impact of Typography on Website Design?

By using typography in your website design, a graphic designer will help your visitors differentiate between different types of messaging, drive consistency between pages, create attractive and balanced elements and define the hierarchy of your content. Applying the correct principles of typography will have a huge impact on readability, user experience and perception of your brand, and it can even affect the mood of your audience.

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