A well-written graphic design brief is the cornerstone of any successful design project. It’s a document that serves as a guide to the designer so that they can deliver exactly what’s needed by whoever is commissioning the work.

What Does a Design Brief Include?

As a full service digital agency, we know what to look for in an ideal graphic design brief. At its core, a good design brief should articulate the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project.

1. Company Information

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to include in your design brief is information about your company and products. Your company profile should tell our graphic designers everything they need to know about your company to allow us to create something that’s perfect for your brand.

2. Objective and Target

This is another important aspect of a clear and concise design brief. Providing us with an understanding of your objectives will help align our goals with your own. For example, if you’d like your website optimised for mobile, we could begin to use our web design services to create a responsive web design to maximise engagement.

3. Target Audience

For us, understanding your target audience is key to the success of a design project. Once you identify the key demographics of your current or potential customer base, along with their characteristics and habits, we can begin to design something specifically for them.

4. Budget and Deadline

Lastly, a well-thought-out graphic design brief will always have a budget and a deadline in place. Having a rough estimate of your budget, and a realistic timescale in place will help us manage our resources and determine the best solution for your project.

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