When you’re building your brand identity, you need great visuals. And your logo represents one of the most significant touchpoints between you and your customers. You have just 0.05 seconds to make a first impression, so your corporate logo design is crucial.

Your logo should be considered as the face of your brand. And it’s the first step in forging a memorable brand identity. Your logo is your biggest asset when you want to stand out from the competition and drive consumer behaviour. When creating a corporate logo that works for your business these are the key factors to consider:

Know the business

Before designing a logo, do your research and start building your brand identity. Knowing your ideal customer and your brand values inside out is the most effective way to start choosing colours, fonts and symbols for your logo.

Be timeless

There’s nothing worse than designing a logo to fit a design trend, only to find it looks dated in a few months. So it’s worth investing some time and imagination in creating a log that’s unique and has a truly timeless quality.

Get minimal

Think of highly successful logos like Apple and Nike. They have a lack of visual complexity that makes them highly engaging for the viewer. Conversely, the more cluttered and confused your visual assets, the less they connect with viewers.

Simple logos connect directly with your audience to build brand recognition. So start by stripping out colour and designing in black and white before considering using corporate colours. In some cases, your logo will only be reproduced in monochrome, so check your design is memorable with and without the use of colour.

Scalability and compatibility

You need to consider scalability in any logo design. So why does that matter? Because your logo could appear on anything from a billboard to a business card, and it needs to reproduce identically in all formats. Only then will it have the visual impact you’re looking for.

With mobile now accounting for over 50% of all web traffic, it’s also essential that your logo works across your digital and print platforms. Responsive web design will help you handle the transition from desktop to mobile, so you know how your graphics perform in real-world situations. You could also consider creating different versions of your logo depending on your marketing collateral.

Think differently

Creating something that stands out will help your logo embed in your customers’ memory. There’s a reason why the Golden Arches and the Swoosh are so successful, and it’s about the way they innovate and use features like negative space in their design.

What makes a logo powerful is its deeper meaning. It’s the visual expression of your brand values and vision, and it needs to convey your core concept in one image.

Try writing down your brand mission statement. Does your logo convey the meaning? Are all your graphic design elements, including your website, clear and purposeful? If you can’t explain your logo easily in simple language, you need to go back to basics.

Find your inspiration

You can find inspiration from anywhere, including the logos of other businesses. A direct copy will never make you stand out, but being inspired by great design is an excellent start point when you’re thinking about your own logo. Put successful brand imagery at the heart of your brainstorming sessions, then let your own creativity shine.

Need a hand putting those brilliant ideas into an eye-catching and unique logo? At Nettl, we can provide a complete graphic design solution across your web design and print assets. So drop into our Bury design studio, or get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to help.